Do we still believe in Cinderella´s prince charming?


do we prefer the new prince charming?

Is Monsieur Louboutin the new prince charming???

do we still have the idea in our subconscious of finding our prince every time we buy shoes???

Therefor our shoe addiction???

Kiss me stupid….

Are you in the game?

you win… i loose…

you loose… i win…

when do we both win?

meet the boys…

Our new member of the family…

¨meet the dog¨

any name?

 Sunday drinks with the girls….

 We laughed, we drank, we talked for hours…

We had one favourite topic of conversation…

guess which one?

- – -

yes! you are right!

If you just want him to disappear… phone him and just say

¨we need to talk¨

he will run so fast that it will take him awhile to come back.

he will either run or hide….

***T I M E   T O  R U N***

Been walking for a long time.

It is said that opposites attract! So why do we spend most of the

time trying to change the other person?

just taking love for a walk…

* l * o * v * e*


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