Elephant and Federica.


Os presento a Federica y a Elefante.

I introduce you to Federica and Elephant.


16 thoughts on “Elephant and Federica.

  1. Hello Beautiful!!!! So exciting! Am I the first person to comment?! Eek! Yay! 🙂 Sooooo glad you’ve got round to creating this blog. I was trying to wait patiently, knowing that you were busy, but deep down, I was stamping my foot impatiently thinking when, oh when, will I see some more of Barb’s fab illustrations?! 🙂 Love the drawings here and thrilled to meet Federica and Mr Elephant. Lot of hugs and love, Fi xx

  2. WoW! You did it!!! I love the name of your blog and of course your drawing, I might start to learn Spanish (always wanted), now I have one more reason! Hugs.

  3. Esto me recordĂł a Monterroso:
    “Cuando despertĂł, el dinosaurio todavĂ­a estaba allĂ­.”
    Muy bonito blog Barbara!!! AquĂ­ estamos para echarte porras.

  4. Es un blog chulĂ­simo. Llevo como una hora navegando y me lo estoy pasando fenomenal. Hay cosas muy bonitas y diferentes. Enhorabuena!

    1 beso

  5. You are GREAT barbara!!! un blog lleno de creatividad y diseño!! ME ENCANTA, que no sabes hacer????? besitos

  6. So happy you’ve set up this blog! You drawings put a smile on my face every time I see them. Great job – can’t wait to come back, and back and back again!! -Heather

  7. Barby, el nombre del blog me emociona, Federica, el elefante, tus diseños, dibujos, me haces soñar sigue asĂ­ artista…
    Soy una fan !!! loca por descubrir más

  8. Barbi, es genial; me refiero a que “eres un genio” y claro, como otras tantas cosas tuyas, yo no lo sabĂ­a. Gracias por compartirte!

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